siemens atc machine

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We are professional cnc machine manufacturer for many years. Our machines are adopt Siemens system from Germany,HSD spindle from Italy,Japan YASKAWA servo,Taiwan Syntec controller etc.,all the famous import parts promise the high quality of our machines.
Below are some video links for your kindly reference:
1.Economic CNC Router:price $2000–$8500 v=xpvycDOk75M
2.Siemens ATC CNC Router:Price $13000-$25000 v=arFg4yS2joc 3.heavy duty ATC cnc router machine price :$13000-$25000 v=CfhwBkXte-0
In order to make sure our machine and service is good for the customers, we agree to issue the contract through the third party. And customer can call back your money if you think my machine is not good or service not good. Which kind machine do you interested in We can talk more details.

plastic boxes for electrical

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Glad to learn you’re on the market of plastic products. We can help you design and manufacturing all types of plastic products, aluminum products. Includes electronic assembling, silk-screen printing, oil-spout and packaging.

We are one of the leading manufacturers, which specify in molding plastic parts with high precision, as well as the mold design and manufacturer in China. We can help you design and manufacturing all types of plastic molds and products, aluminum &zinc die-casting tools and final products.

Please feel free to contact me. i will give you a best price soonest!  My

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This is the Ross, technical assistant in Kingrui mold maker.

You may have some projects requiring precision inserts. Fortunately, we are the one who can fabricate high-precision

and high-volume spare parts for you.

Tool steel parts we can make includes intricate cavity/core, inserts, spare parts, special pins, see the pic shows:

We provide you complete production service from material to all kinds of surface treatment.

Of course, half-production is also allowed. like grinding parts. We have mirror EDM machining, Wire cutting machining,

CNC, Milling machining and Laser engraving, Polishing processing. The accuracy can reach 0.001mm, the surface make according to VDI3400.

We can try your projects. just sending me the data! We like trustful partnership with you.

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