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Professional Mold Maker And Designer—Bebon Mould Co., Ltd


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Bebon Mould Co., Ltd, located in China,is specialising in making plastic injection mould, die-casting mould and molded parts, as well as assembly and packaging.

We provide products in many industries, including the Automotive, Consumer, Building, Electrical, Packaging, Custom, Agricultural and Engineering industries. Our ability to provide customers with highly customisable plastic components, combined with our knowledge, specialist tools and vast experience has earned us a reputation of excellence.

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With over 16 years’ experience in injection moulding, our custom plastic moulded products are designed and manufactured in our well-equipped workshop. Our plastic injection moulding machines and experienced professionals are here to deliver practical, simple and cost effective solutions to assist in the overall success of your injection moulding project.

For all stages in the product development process from concept to production, we can help bring your injection moulded plastic parts to fruition, no matter how intricate or complex. We specialise in providing flexibility in production, so if you needed your components yesterday we strive to deliver a fast turnaround.

Assembly & Packaging

We take some of the leg work out of plastic manufacturing by providing a comprehensive solution for the entire production process. We will not only complete the manufacturing of your plastic components, but we will also assemble, package and deliver your completed merchandise to your specified location.

Tool Making

We offer toolmaking and product advice for our clients. Because we have over 16years of experience in the manufacturing industry we now have a vast body of knowledge that extends to all aspects of your production life cycle. Advice on design facets such as colour, weight, size, and materials used; advice and guidance on the actual construction of all your componentry and parts, as well as helping you to plan the successful completion and distribution of your product, from start to finish. Our experienced staff members can also advise on the economic viability of your products, as well as the entire developmental process and the effectiveness of the completed product.

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For high quality plastic injection moulding, toolmaking support, assembly and packaging services, contact Bebon today.

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This is Ross, working in Kingrui precision mold.

Our company commited to manufacturing and developing various mold parts,

mainly used in plastic injection mold, like cavity/core/inserts, pins, blocks, sliders…

We will make parts according to your drawings or samples for the most demanding European/Japanese mold and plastic companies.

They always expect suppliers only the best quality, timely delivery and competitive prices.

Based on the experience and trust in kingrui, we can also support you.


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